Well now, welcome indeed to my first tentative attempt to create a website and blogging platform. As will be quickly apprehended by anyone with even a semblance of knowledge in such matters, my current skill level at website design and functionality probably ranks at roughly five percent of the requisite criteria for the production of a half decent site.

However, as a creative spirit on the cusp of retirement who is itching to spend more time dabbling in the field of paint, design and journalistic pursuits; drawing on some considerable past experience in such matters during his long working career, I hope that the kind soul troubling to read this will bear with me as I grapple with the mysteries of HTML and Cascading Style Sheets; will have some patience as I thumb through the pages of ‘WordPress for Dummies’ in search of technical enlightenment in the fond hope that my blogging, like myself and fine wine can only improve with age!

Thanks for taking the time.

Mike Burns